Be a Catalyst for the New Year

What are you doing this New Year’s Eve? Will it be a proactive start for a powerful step forward in your life? Are you looking for a party or a powerful experience?

Two years ago, my wife and I had just attended our church’s New Year’s Eve service and had two or three invitations to attend parties with friends. But we both felt stirred simply to go home and spend time in prayer. No, we are not “over-saved” as some might think. We were in the midst of significant transition in our lives and felt the next year could hold significant developments or course changes.

We went home and sat down in the living room floor and had the idea of using the time to bless others. We decided to make a list of 10 couples that were leaders/influencers in our lives, pray over them, and bless them. As soon as we started praying it was as though a prophetic portal was opened up; we both began to write what the Lord was giving us about each couple. Chiqui was writing, I was writing, but we waited to the end to compare notes to see how what the Lord had given both of us corroborated with the other.

The next morning we combined the prophetic words into a cohesive statement and emailed them to each couple as a New Year word of blessing. Here‘s what I learned from that experience:

1. Responding to the promptings of the Spirit that night was more about blessing others than being blessed ourselves.

2. The fun and joy of partnering with the Holy Spirit far exceeded any fun we would have had at a party (as much as we love being with our friends).

3. The Lord is thinking about showing His goodness to others even when we are thinking about something else. I was amazed how the floodgates of the prophetic opened the instant we postured ourselves to pray for others.

4. The responses and affirmations that came back to us from those couples was an incredible reciprocity of blessing that we did not expect.

5. Sowing into others actually set us in an orbit for the new year that was loaded with one breakthrough after another.

6. If we yield to the pressure of the voice that says “don’t be so spiritual, just be normal,” we will always be stuck in the current orbit; but God is always issuing an invitation for us to partner with Him, and in doing so, to enter into a different realm of living.

I am not suggesting that one is unspiritual or carnal if New Year’s Eve is not spent in prayer; but I am suggesting that New Year’s is a great time to set good things in motion. What are you doing this New Year’s? It is possible that the Lord would want you to be a catalyst this New Year for someone else? In so doing, it could be the seed of breakthrough for you.


Dr. Kerry Wood | All Rights Reserved 2015


Be a Catalyst for the New Year

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